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Clio, the Greek muse of history, with scrolls. The name khronikos derives from the Greek word for time.

Welcome to the Khronikos blog! This blog is dedicated to showcasing the work of University of Maine graduate history students. Here you’ll find original research posts, book reviews, from the archives, and other history-related discussions.

We are no longer actively updating the Khronikos site, but please explore our archives.

A Note on Citations:

All posts on the Khronikos Blog are the intellectual property of the assigned author. One of the major goal of the blog is to contribute to the general body of historical knowledge, therefore, we welcome readers to use our work to inform their own. We  request that full bibliographic credit by given for any direct quotes, ideas, or original images. A sample Chicago Manual of Style citation appears at the end of our most recent posts.

If you have questions or would like more information about a topic, please contact us: khronikosum at gmail dot com

Header Image Credit: “Battle of Hasting Scene V,”

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