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Joseph R. Miller

Fields: Canadian American History

Advisor: Scott See

Education: B.A. in History, North Georgia College and State University  (Senior Military College)

Thesis topic: Combat Stress and the Battle of Detroit (War of 1812)

Notes of Interest: Joe served in multiple capacities as an infantry officer in The 82nd Airborne, including the establishment of an Iraqi Government through Elections and the 2007 Troop Surge.

Recent Posts:

Warfare and Trauma in the Early American Republic: The Dual Life of William Hull

Defining the Illness of James Miller

The Salem Custom-House as Repository for Veterans: Insights for Early Modern PTSD in the Writing of Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Historicity of Bilbo Baggins: A Critical View of Psychologists and Jingoism

Getting the Facts Straight: The Problem of Powerful Ideas in the Study of Violence

Medal of Honor Recipient Ty Carter’s Advocacy in Historical Context


General William Hull’s Trials ~ Was This Early-PTSD? One Possible Explanation for the Unprecedented Surrender of Detroit, 1812


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