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Patrick Callaway

Fields of study:  Early American Republic, politics and economy

Education:  BA Social Science- University of Montana Western (2004), BS Secondary Education- University of Montana Western (2005), MA History- Montana State University (2008)

Dissertation Topic:  Currently, I am exploring dissertation possibilities focusing on trade between the United States, Canada, and Great Britain during the Napoleonic wars.  Particularly, I would like to focus on the trade in agricultural products during this timeframe, including the continued trade during the war of 1812.


“Fear, Capital Punishment, and Order:  The Construction and Use of Capital Punishment Statutes in Early Modern England and Seventeenth Century New England” in Gordon Morris Bakken, ed. An Invitation to an Execution:  A History of the Death Penalty in the United States. (Albuquerque:  University of New Mexico Press, 2010)

Encyclopedia Terms “Agricultural Subsidies” and “Famine Relief Act of 1921” in The Encyclopedia of the 1920s (Pasadena:  Salem Press, forthcoming)

Encyclopedia Terms “Agrarianism”, “Freethinkers”, “Overproduction Theory”, and “Agricultural Issues” in Alexandra Kindell and Elizabeth Demers, eds. The Encyclopedia of Populism (Santa Barbara:  ABC-Clio, forthcoming)

Encyclopedia Terms “Taylor Grazing Act”, “Farmer’s Organizations”, “Norman Thomas” and “Commodity Credit Organization” in Thomas Tandy Lewis, ed. The   Encyclopedia of the 1930s (Pasadena:  Salem Press, 2011)

Encyclopedia Terms “Great Depression”, “Works Progress Administration”, “Georgia Seacoast”, “Gullah”,  “North Dakota” in Edward E. Curtis, ed. The Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History (New York:  Facts on File, Incorporated, 2010)

Encyclopedia Terms “Quebec City”, “Newfoundland”, and “Charles Chauncy” in Billy G. Smith, ed. The Encyclopedia of American History: Colonization and Settlement, 1685-1763 (New York:  Facts on File, Incorporated, 2009)

Notes of Interest:  Prior to starting his studies at Maine, Patrick was an instructor in the department of History, Philosophy, and Social Science at the University of Montana Western as well as the Historic Preservation Officer in Virginia City, Montana.  Patrick also enjoys hiking in Montana’s backcountry, St. Louis Cardinals baseball and cooking.

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