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Rachel A. Snell

Education: University of Maine, BA History; University of New Hampshire MA History

Fields: Early American History, Women’s History, Early American Religious History, Borderlands, Early Nineteenth-Century Reform Literature

Advisor: Liam Riordan

Dissertation Topic: My dissertation examines persuasion and women’s changing social roles in the late-eighteenth and early nineteenth century. By emphasizing the period 1780-1830, which pre-dates the better studied early national era, I plan to explain how certain women’s self-understanding and social position changed between the American Revolution and the mid-nineteenth century. My focus on the ways that women’s public activities changed in this period will allow a fuller understanding of women’s experiences in the early nineteenth century and help explain the increase in women’s organizations and authorship by 1830. An examination of women’s changing social roles will promote an understanding of the ways women harnessed the developing domestic ideologies and the general reform spirit of the period to advance women’s public role.

Presentations: The Sabine Women Re-Imagined: Public Opinion, the Early Nineteenth Century Peace Movement, and the Expansion of the Private Sphere (Grad Expo, University of Maine, 2011); The Sabine Women Re-Imagined: Women and the Power of Persuasion in Early Nineteenth-Century Reform Movements (UNB/UMaine Graduate History Conference, 2011); “The Little Lady who Started this Great War:” Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Power of Persuasion (Maine Women’s Studies Conference (University of New England, 2012); “God, Home, and Country:” Women, Historical Memory, and National Identity in English Canada and the United States (Middle Atlantic and New England Conference for Canadian Studies (Philadelphia, September 2012); Disciples of Wollstonecraft: The Constraints of Republican Motherhood (UNB/UMaine Graduate History Conference, 2012).

Note of Interest: Rachel also teaches in the University of Maine Honors College’s Civilizations: Past, Present, and Future sequence. She is also the editor of the Khronikos Blog ( and always looking for new bloggers. Outside of academics, she enjoys cooking, reading non-history books, knitting, and running. She lives in Old Town with her partner, Joe, and their dog and cat.

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